Healthcare Advisory

  • Healthcare commercial insights-to help in defining medical and commercial strategies to prioritize assets and endpoints, prepare for shifts in standards of care and anticipate competitor impact
  • Healthcare evidence, value and access- evidence, value and access offer proprietary syndicated real-world evidence data assets, consultants and specialists in health economics, outcomes research and market access strategy and planning
  • Healthcare commercial strategy and advisory services- we deliver fact-based strategies that inform critical decisions across the clinical, medical and commercial lifecyle.
  • Workshops- making insights more impactful to business growth by workshopping with different client teams
  • Social intelligence analytics-social media research and insight services is where we deliver actionable insights from social intelligence and other unstructured data sources
  • Strategic Business Location Mapping- Making field survey to determine suitable health facility locations
  • Post-COVID-19 Business Strategy Review- Working with client teams to formulate post-covid 19 strategies for business growth and sustainability

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