About Us

Market Analytics and Social Trends Research

MAST is an innovative, client-focused organization providing research services in East Africa. MAST was founded by a team of experienced researchers with at least 7 years research experience in both qualitative and quantitative research for both market and social research. Our experts’ research experience in East Africa and the sub-Saharan region exceeds 10 years in multiplicity of research methodologies and approaches. MAST has two business units; the Consumer Insights and Market Analytics (CIMA) that deals with provision of data driven solutions to start-ups, SMEs, corporates or multinational companies and Social Affairs Unit (SAU) that deals with bespoke research for government and non-governmental organizations programmes and development-oriented policies in East Africa


Our Vision is to be the leading research consortium providing data driven solutions in the Africa market.


Our mission is to provide affordable, timely and high quality research data and market insights. Our expertise is in both social and market research for qualitative and quantitative research.

Our Strengths

  • Over 100 trained field interviewers and supervisors across the region to ensure we achieve the same level of quality  in all our assignments
  • Use of the latest research technology in data collection and management to ensure affordability, quick turnaround time, quality and instant availability of data.
  • Application of strict de-centralized data quality control checks
  • Experienced Senior market Research and Strategy Consultants on board with at least 5 years experience in qualitative and quantitative research
  • Multiplicity of research expertise: Social and market research.
  • Under social research- KAPB (Knowledge, Attitude, Practice and Behavior) surveys, needs assessment surveys, program evaluation (baseline/midline/endline surveys), water and sanitation and quasi experimental surveys. Such surveys cover different
  • Climate change, poverty, gender, inclusion, research and development, environment, economic policy, health, nutrition, food security, peace and conflicts, security, international trade, diplomacy and governance among other disciplines.
  • Under market research- Usage and Awareness studies, Shopper and customer experience surveys, Employee satisfaction surveys, concept/pack and product tests, brand trackers and brand health surveys and retail measurement or store observations.

Market Research Proficiency

Our market research proficiency is in brand usage and awareness (U&A) studies, concept/pack evaluations, retail measurement/store observations, market sizing and intelligence, brand health trackers and customer and employee experience/satisfaction surveys. Our social research capability includes but not limited to needs assessments, KAPB (Knowledge, Attitude, Practice and Behavior) studies, programme evaluation (baseline, midline and end line) surveys, water and sanitation surveys and quasi experimental surveys

Market Research And Advisory

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